Gentoo Powerbook = Coolness

(I am up to almost 700 post on the gentoo forums, which I think is cool as lame as everyone else probably thinks it actually is)

Firstly, I met with my cs2340 group today and we deleted everything we have done and started over from scratch. Our project is going to be sweet and if we can keep the rest of the meetings under 2 hours it should be pretty awesome.

Then I met with half of my cs4400 group, aka Becca. We did the Entity-Relationship model of the database we have to do in a really neat opensource program called dia. We also got done some other little stuff and after 2 hours of that we are now about 1/4 done with the project that takes the whole semester supposedly. Fun stuff.

Then, the important thing (once again, probably just to me.. hehe): I finally broke down and put Linux on my Powerbook. It took a while to do, as Gentoo stage 1 installs do, but its on there now and is very cool. I can boot up into OSX or Gentoo, and in Gentoo I can boot up OSX inside of it and run both of them at the same time using a neat program called maconlinux. I got everything working: firewire, usb, video, wireless and wired internet, the brightness and volume controlls on the keyboard, and going to sleep super fast. I still have to boot up OSX by itself to sync my iPod, but aside from SlashDock (My RSS news reader) and Adium (best AIM client for mac ever), I can use linux for just about everything! I guess eventually I'll get around to posting a page of neat linux stuff I have figured out that might be helpful to someone else in the projects page but for now I'm all computered out for the day.

And possibly the biggest news for the weekend or the week or the year or something.. I own a pair of blue jeans now. It's pretty crazy. I think the last time was maybe middle school? Camo pants are just so much more comfortable I think. But I was down to pretty much two pairs of pants and supposedly jeans are cool and look cool and are more socially acceptable than camoflauge for riding on airplanes, going to "casual" events, and things of that sort. So yeah. Jeans. crazieness.

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