Frightening Statistics

Atanta Public Schools aren't the greatest. I went there for 3 years and turned out ok I think, but here are some numbers:
  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, the APS Cost-Per-Student for Fiscal Year 2004, was $11,116, compared to $8,206 Cost-Per-Student reported by the Council of the Great City Schools. The national average is $7,734 per student.
  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, 45.7% of APS students failed to graduate high school in 2004.
  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, in 2004, 78 percent of Atlanta students failed the End-of-Course Test in Algebra and 70 percent failed the test in Physical Science.
  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, the 2004 SAT test scores of APS seniors, 847, are 15 points lower than the 2003 SAT test scores, the lowest in the State.
  • According to a survey of APS teachers by the Atlanta Association of Educators, 73.8% do not feel that the Superintendent's reforms are effective.
  • Whether you have children attending APS or not, the Atlanta Public Schools account for 51% of our total property tax, double the amount paid to the City of Atlanta and Fulton County.
Good times at North Atlanta High.

The XML-RPC module for G2 is functional and now can do about half of the things it is supposed to do. Work shall continue on that into the evening.

Lastly, Melissa and I stopped by the Metropointe lofts today to check them out.

edit: Got a phone call asking what I though about the lofts so I figured I would fix this to make it a bit more accurate: 

They lofts are a lot like a dorm which is great for some people but not what I was looking for. The desk is built into the wall, they cost more than I'd like to pay, and make no easy accomidations for internet.  I need a very nice empty room that is cheap that I can fill with my things and share the cost of internet with the rest of the place.  I've got my own furniture and things and don't need a bed or a microwave included in the monthly cost, so forget that idea.  M-Street later this week?

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