Text Messages

First roommates dinner out was last night. We (Anya, Greg, Becca, and me) went to Micks (sp?) and I didn't get dream rolls. I don't know what came over me but whatever I had ended up being pretty good.  Good times.

So I was looking through my phone today and the 3 text messages I still have in my inbox are worth repeating:
  • From: reflexids, Subject: Interceptor Alert: Incoming, Text:  *NEW* --UDP--> 161 * Attack: 1 packets of type <snmp public access>
  • From: Melissa, Text: there's this guy marching around the park in a tutu, twirling a baton, and blowing a whistle...
  • From: Laura, Text: Hey. I just asked someone about radiators and they were like no good. Sadness.

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Group projects really suck. I don't like waiting on other people to get things done that I need to do my work and I don't like the way tech students like to work which is not at all until the very last minute.  Its Saturday afternoon and I feel like I'm stuck without anything to do because I'm waiting on people to get back to me and I have too much work to do to be sitting around not doing any of it.

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