Graduated among other things

It's been another crazy long amount of time since my last bit of ramblings here and a lot has gone on, so here goes another bulleted list:
  • New website. You're looking at it now. It's not a whole lot different but its better:
    • the menus at the top are all CSS now and work in Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, and Konqueror
    • the menus are generated dynamically so it's super easy for me to move things around and not have to update lots of files.
    • little slivers of color above titles so you know how you got to where you are.
    • the title of the page in the title bar of your web browser now shows you where you are
    • Random Image and Newest Album blocks on the left from the new Gallery 2 install which replaced the old Gallery 1
    • Coming soon calendar block on the left so people can see where I am at the moment without having to dig around.
    • Better layout using CSS for everything. HTML tables should be few and far between. The site can now fill up a whole window without problems so there should be lots less scrolling out there for those of you with much bigger monitors than me.
    • Updated wantlist (get me stuff! its christmas time!)
    • New documentation for how I run my server: watching the system for problems and dealing with lots of virtual hosts (Under projects->hosting at the top)
    • coming soon
      • better page navigation for news, portfolio, and things with lots of pieces
      • updated bookmarks page which will be way better and maybe even useful
      • old picture URLs from news will be fixed to work with Gallery 2 now that Gallery 1 is gone from here
  • New Server- This website and a bunch of others are running on my new server. Its a dual Amd Opteron 246 with 2GB of DDR ECC RAM and a 120GB SATA raid 1 array. "pudge" is sitting in a colo downtown with a 1MB/s pipe and doing a much better job than the old box.
  • BIkes
    • Faster mustache continues to explode.  Lots of good times
    • My old Gary Fisher Tasajara front suspension mountain bike is now a single speed no suspension commuter style bike with city tires. I've been riding it to campus and and all over the place. It's lots of fun and can take a bit more of a beating than the road bike. The ratio on it is 42:13 which is crazy hard but its good exercise.  I'm going to have to ride the road or mountain bike again and see how much better shape it has me in.
  • School
    • After 4.5 years with 10 semesters taking some number of classes, I've graduated from Georgia Tech. My last semster was all As which puts my final GPA riiiight below a 3.0. Final projects for Science and Technology Policy and Music Theory both turned out pretty sweet and they'll be available on here sometime.
    • I'm hoping they let me into graduate school at GT but my GRE scores weren't anything special so we will see what happens a few months from now. The application is in and people are finishing up their recomendation letters.
  • Laura and I made it to 6 months during which time my brother and his g/f got engaged. Crazyness.
  • Work
    • I did my first bit of Windows development at work and finished a service that runs on Windows Server 2003 and allows other machines to request a password reset via .NET remoting.
    • I did my first bit of Linux system development with a module for pam that enforces password complexity requirements. It works on Linux, Solaris, and AIX and is pretty sweet.
    • They guys I do research for at GTRNOC are looking for money to pay me next semester and perhaps through grad school.
Updates will be more often now that I have graduated and won't have any more official projects with deadlines to be working on at home.  Gallery 2 is going to get a lot more attention from me now and hopefully the XML-RPC module will be born. But enough of this for now. Its Firday night, who wants to go ride bikes?

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