Lots More

So it's been over a month since the last update.  There's just too much going on, so this update is going to be short and brief and perhaps there will be more next time. So in no particular order:

  • Competed in the Faster Mustache 24 Hour Urban Relay Race.  Did 6 laps totaling about 70 miles over a 24 hour period in the streets of Atlanta. Combined mileage for all competitors in the race was 3200 miles. More info at http://24.fastermustache.org/ and scattered around http://fastermustache.org/. I helped plan for the race a bit and was on one of two Faster Mustache teams.
  • Competed in 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Conyers.  Did 4 laps totaling about 40 miles of biking on the mountain bike course from the Atlanta olympics.  Race results for our category at http://www.24hoursofadrenalin.com/raceResults/156/5_Person_Co-ed.html (team Faster Mustache)
  • So apparently I'm into the 24 hour biking "Extreme Sport" now. Cool.
  • the Faster Mustache website now has over 130 members and 5000 comments. I coded up a sweet maps module (http://fastermustache.org/map/destinations) as well as a "threads with unread" bit of code to make it easier for people to find stuff. 
  • Got a new mountain bike to race in above mentioned 24 hour mountain bike race, also switched from toe clips to clip in pedals.  Its a 2005 Gary Fisher Cake 4 DLX. It's not on their site any more cause its 2006 now apparently but you can get the jist of it at http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/BI603B08-Gary+Fisher+Cake+4+Dlx+Bike+05.aspx. I paid a bit less than that because it was end of season and Outback Bikes was clearing out Fishers.
  • School continues to get closer to being done, the GRE is on wednesday, and I'm basically down to a big paper, the CS GRE, a piece of music for theory, and grad school application and recomendations.
  • Went to Tampa with Laura for fall break and had a good time hiding away from work and school.
  • Upgraded the photo gallery on here to Gallery 2, http://ckdake.com/gallery2/  Old urls will continue to work but this should be awesomer than Gallery 1.
  • The new gallery website is up at http://gallery.sf.net/ and its super sweet.
  • I'm biking to campus every day and loving it
  • I'm really tired from all the biking and I'm about to go to sleep. More later.

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