Woah Dang

So since the last update here a lot has happened.  Much of it needs elaborating but a lot of that probably won't happen due to how much is still going on. So here are the basics:

I moved from one side of Atlanta to the other. I'm now right next to the Candler Park MARTA Station in a pretty nice place with Tom and Anthony for roommates, and its great. I've been biking to friends places and to resturants but most importantly to school om here. It's probably about 5 miles the way I go so we're looking at about 12 miles a day given other little trips I make. Take today for example, I biked to the grocery store with Christopher and biked back.  No gas used, no dealing with traffic, exercise, it just doesnt get much better than that.

Faster Mustache is exploding, check out the website.  New members and tons of comments and articles show up every day. Right now there are 64 members and 1518 comments total. Wow.  Party this friday to benifit Katrina victims, check out the flyer and show up!

Google's Summer of Code is finishing up and both of my students did a pretty good job. Theres some awesome usable code and hopefully it will be in the Gallery source code repository soon for all the users out there to bust out a move with XML-RPC (a continuation of my Senior Design project m last semester). Plus everyone gets $$ which is always nice.  The beta of the new Gallery website is now up and is going to be very sweet when it goes live, and Gallery 2 final should be out within the next 2 weeks.  Two weeks ago we had a huge Gallery get-together in NYC.  Christian from Norway, Jens from Germany, Joan from the UK, Amdy from Switzerland, and lots of people from all over the states were there and we drank, ate, and were generally pretty merry, though EXTREEME was the term most often used.  It's really cool being a part of something online and meeting everyone only to realize that they are all cool, interesting, real people.  Maybe its because Gallery is about pictures and thats what gets most people interested (Except Robert. WTF. Doesn't use Gallery?), but id hang out with most of these people pretty often if they were in my area. I'm looking forward to an annual event like this or perhaps a GalleryCON for a weekend with users in addition to the developers.  Who knows.

School this semester is going pretty well:
-MUSI 2600 - Music Theory is awesome.  Our first assignment was to write an 8 measure happy melody in C and Common Time. How cool is that.  I got a Keystation 49e MIDI Keyboard to play with things at home and it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time in the MIDI lab on campus this semester.
-PUBP 4410 - Science, Technology, and Public Policy is also awesome.  Reading books about how policy about science has been and how its going to be and lots of discussion. The class if half grad students and it's a lot of work but very interesting.
-PUBP 4803C - Special Topics - Technology Law, Policy, and Management is pretty awesome too. Definitely an easy class, the final is waived because I'm a graduating senior, 35% is the open book/note/internet midterm, and 35% is showing up once a week for 3 hours.  Its interesting cool stuff about patents and liability and internet issues with some antitrust, venture financing, and tech law thrown in. After taking "Advanced IP Law" last semester, this shouldn't be much work at all.
-CS Undergraduate Research - So cool. Working with the monitoring data from CPR (Campus-wide network Performance monitoring and Recovery) doing analysis to determine where problems are on the network. buzzword: Active Network Monitoring, probably abbreviated as ANM somewhere. I'm playing with lots of Perl and MySQL so far (over 13 million rows in the tables im working with. dam) and up next is some crazy stuff with R.

If all goes well with the GRE, the CS GRE, and research, it looks like I may end up doing grad school at Georgia Tech doing research on Active Network Monitoring.  If the research thing isn't what I'm interested in, a Masters in CS with a focus on Information Security may be on the list of things to do. Crazyness.

Got a couple of new CDs in the last few weeks, all of which are pretty fantastic:
  • From Autumn To Ashes - Abandon Your Friends
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Very Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  • Cold - A Different Kind Of Pain
  • Taproot - Blue-Sky Research
  • Emery - The Question
  • As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security
X-Files season 2 and the Kaplan GRE prep book are in the mail, and hopefully work can keep me busy enough so that I can pay for everything thats been and will be going on.

Laura got a bike! YAY!  She's excited and I'm excited, cause generally speaking bikes are a good thing and they get you places faster and cleaner and cheaper and alla that.  I'm spending a good amount of time with her so far this semester, We see eachother a lot but its not absolutley all the time and it includes nessicary activities like cooking, eating, drinking koolaid, riding bikes, playing ultimate with ben and a bunch of random freshmen in Yellow Jacket park (half of who went to Ga State... crazy), watching sporting events at the lair, and getting homework done.

Thats about all the update I have time for, theres homework and work stuff and classes and music theory lab and biking and eating and hanging out to be done before the end of tomorrow. Yay for people with new bikes (Laura!) and yay for those of you getting city tires and working on busting out the bike more often (David and Michael so far). Save the world!

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