Laura + Work + Bike Ridin

And so almost ends another crazy week of Laura, work, and bike riding.

Sunday night after many delays Laura finally got to the Atlanta airport around 12:30am and we came back to my place and crashed.  I had to get up early for work each day she was here and she got to sleep in so I don't know about that... I do know that I'm tired.. but gotta work.  Several things were done over the week including a good bit of eating and movie watching. The biggest "New Movie" of the week was Wedding Crashers.  That movie renewed my faith in R rated movies.  It was crude at parts, crazy funny, and I'd even recommend everyone see it. Other movies included Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (for my second time, just as good) and maybe half of Army of Darkness (I own it on DVD, one of my favorites) before we passed out one night.

As far as food was concerned, we had Elk steaks at my parrents' Monday,  Grilled up some bugers and dogs with Michael and Jenny and others Tuesday, and went to Chow Baby on Wednesday which was followed by some hot fresh Krispy Kreme. Everyone needs to go to Chow Baby sometime because it is fantastic. All you can eat stir fry for not to expensive and you pick every little thing you want in it and how much of each. So cool. Anyways, as usual it was awesome hanging out with Laura for an extended period of time and we hung out with more than a couple people:  My parents, Anya, Melissa, Becca, Aaron, Michael, Jenny, Emily, etc. Good times until she had to leave Thursday morning. I headed back from the airport and took care of some work things at home and then went to Blanket's Creek with Mark for a little mountain biking followed by dinner at The Vortex and riding back in Mark's relatively new 2005 Subaru WRX STI.  Fast car. mm. However, that biking really beat me up because it was freakin hot. Hot just isn't my kind of weather.

Anyways, after more work and taking care of some stuff around here Friday it was time for another FM ride.  I drove to the Lair at about 6:30 and we biked over to Christopher's work downtown.  There a bunch more people met up and we rode to drop off some movies at "Movies Worth Seeing" and then headed to Angel in Decatur.  It was lots of riding and we were hauling pretty fast, some pictures of the before and after sitting around are on our website. After some drinks, Ben, Robert, and I headed back to the Lair to shower and meet some people for a movie. We got to the theatre at 9:59 but the movie was at 10 and the line for tickets was over 30 minutes long.  We bought tickets for the 12:30 showing of The Devil's Rejects and headed to Waffle House to kill some time. The movie turned out to be fantastic, better than House of 1000 Corpses, and after squeezing back into Robers Porsche to get back to the Lair, I drove home and got to sleep around 3:30.

Today I woke up super early and headed to LYD to reformat one of the servers that I manage.  It took less time than expected and I've been sshd in from home getting things set up properly for most of the afternoon.  Tonight may be more biking or I might just get some food and go to sleep and bike tomorrow instead. It's been a long week.. 

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