People Gotta Eat

So first a couple interesting things from today:
  • save toby - only read this if you don't get upset when bunnies are at stake
  • clark howard plane ticket deals - I'm planning on going to Europe over the summer for a bit and it looks like Clark Howard's fantastic deals may be saving me several hundred $$.  420$ to Madrid is much better than the 700$ or so through normal channels.
But to the subject, people gotta eat.  I'm thinking someone needs to come up with an AIM bot that takes care of the arranging when people want to eat. You can give it your schedule or just let it know when you want to eat and how long you are going to wait (and it will know you're gone when an away message goes up or something).  So when you want to eat, you send it an IM and it tells you who else wants to go, and when people IM within your target eating time, they get an IM back saying that you're interested. Obviously some people might want to limit this to friends or friends of friends or a location, but that wouldn't be too hard to do. I know I'd use it. Make use of all the people I know that I don't see as often as I should.

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