Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Work this morning was crazy.  I was in the office catching up on little things and one thing led to another and I had to go to a client to troubleshoot some odd sporadic firewall issues with a clustered pair of SonicWall 5060s.  Now those are some friggin firewalls. I drove out and was there for an hour or so without much luck, but weird things were going on. Probably a hardware problem with one of them and they keep failing back to eachother but no resolution just yet, and it didn't help that the problem didn't occur once when I was there.

Well the great plane ticket deals didn't quite work out and it's going to be a little but more money than I thought but it's Europe and its gonna be sweet.  The current plan is to fly to Amsterdam and hang out there some, then a few days in Spain, then a few days in Germany in citys and whatever that crazy huge castle there is.  Then its off to Bergen. Norway to see h0bbel and have a good time on Norway's big national holiday. After Norway is a few days in Italy and then fly back to Atlanta. 

Sleeping all afternoon instead of getting work done because the book I'm working on for my public policy class is less than enthralling isn't the smartest thing I've done this week.

AIM went down tonight. For everyone.  I wanted to IM people but it wouldn't let me on. After talking to some people on #adium on freenode word got out that AIM was back up and when I signed on there was absolutley noone online.  After a few hours its back up to about 40 or so which is pretty typical for my buddy list but 0, that was crazy.

The day after tomorrow is the weekend! It will be off to Knoxville instead of doing the work I should be doing. woohoo.

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