Technology Hates Me

So my Airport base station may not be dead, but the stupid Comcast cable modem certainly is and my house has been without internet for a few days now.  Speakers are hopefully getting fixed but its going to be a few weeks and Klipsch 4.1 speakers are on the way so I'm taking  offers for the 2.1's once they are in working order.  The building at work thinks it is still a holiday so it is not fully functioning and my boss is on a plane to South Dakota.  Pictures from my trip are up now if you haven't found them already, and I'm slowly going through and putting captions on all of them.  In the lack of network connectivity at home I have rediscovered Sim City 4 (made a city yesterday that has almost 200k people), hung out with people that I should be hanging out with anyway, and gotten on the bike more.  I'm now active in "Faster Mustache" which is a bunch of my friends with the goal of riding bikes a lot, specifically to bars.. but look for an announcement about the launch of our website some time. Friday we rode about 30 miles all around downtown Atlanta, and Sunday was a cookout type thing most of the day. More biking to come and there will be pictures and all that when that happens.  The guitars are also getting used more and hopefully I'll find some people to play with regularily, theres one band type possibility already. So with that I'm off. I'll be back online to check things sometime today perhaps. Crazyness.

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