So I'm in San Francisco at WWDC this week. After spending Friday and Saturday in Menlo Park hanging out with Bharat ("The Gallery Guy") where there was eating and doing Gallery things.  I took pictures of his son's freakin huge tonsils shortly before they got taken out. Then it was off to SF saturday night and I checked into the Adelaide Hostel.  Sunday morning was WWDC student stuff and that night was meeting with all kinds of company reps.  I have some business cards and asking of emailing resumes to some people from NVidia, Apple, Microsoft, and that sort of thing. Apple has been providing food the whole time so except for the 6$ of pizza when I got to SF it's all been included. Monday was the big keynote with Steve Jobs and I'm sure a lot of you have heard a lot about it.  OSX runs on Intel architectures now and Apple is making the big switch. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out 2 years from now.  I still need a new laptop and if Apple doesn't do something cool soon like dual core G4s then I might have to go with a IBM Thinkpad T43 with linux and save my next mac purchace for a desktop.  As a registered Apple developer I get a once in a lifetime pretty hefty discount on a system and it shouldn't be used until I get something sweet.. After that it's been classes on things and eating and talks from people like Tim O'Reilly of  O'Reilly Media. He's all talking web 2.0 which is stuff like map, traffic, weather, etc data supplied through web services through companies like Amazon and Google.  All the stuff I did for senior design is XMLRPC crazyness and it all fits in, and turns out the guy that wrote iPhoto2Gallery is also here and I've been emailing him about using the XMLRPC in his program instead of the crazy old Gallery Remote protocol. Also kinda cool is getting to play with OSX running on Intel P4 boxes.  They could handle such sweet apps as Quartz Composer which my PowerBook can't handle. QC is about the coolest thing ever but from what I can tell theres not much public info about it.  Heres the basics of what I could find. You should use a mac with the 10.4 dev tools on it and play around. Its spiffy. Oh yeah. I read a book today:  "Terminal Man" by Michael Chichton and I bought a new cd: "Atticus: Dragging the Lake 3". Both were pretty cool. More classes to come this week and Friday afternoon I head off to Los Angeles to hang out with Ashley for the first time in a long time and hang out with david for the first time in a week or so. Then Sunday its back to atlanta where I'm gonna be workin and biking and getting my hangin out on.  If you exist you should join me.

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