Bike wrecks and Fish among other things

So basically, a SUV pulled out in front of me forcing me to turn sharply on the bike and end result is everything is fine by my laptop which isn't really fine. With laptop and Mac OS X gone, I'm now using Linux on the desktop for eveything. I got an awesome deal on a new dell 24" widescreen monitor and have been finding software replacements. F-Spot is a fan-friggin-tastic photo management app for Linux. It handles my 11k+ pictures with no problem and playce niceley with Canon RAW images. It also has inspired me to tag the people in all of my pictures and I've slowly put a big dent in that. F-Spot even exports directly to Gallery. Cool. To replace iTunes, I'm using Rhythmbox. It's not quiiite nice enough yet, but it'll do. It has built in support for so my profile there is back to updating again, and iPod support in in CVS so I hear. iCal has been replaced by the calendar component of Evolution and I've switched from using Thunderbird for e-mail to the Mail component of Evolution. This has been a bit of a rocky road, but it's getting there. Spam filtering in Evolution doesn't seem as powerful and the calendar has some quirks, but all and all it's better than the disjoined thing I had going on with email in Thunderbird on Linux and events in iCal on the Mac. Bluetooth is working in Linux and I just need to get my phone synching with Evolution, and next time a video project rolls around I'll need to see how Kino works.

In other news I now have a fish (Thanks Laura!). He's a Beta and his name is Stinky. One of my server's had now been turned on for close to 250 days with no problems. (see it's phpsysinfo page) Gallery 2.1 is about to be out. I'm working on the backend of a super cool website that will go live on April 1st: I got a bunch of free prints at Shutterfly from codes I found on SlickDeals. Pictures from the 10D at 8x10 look fantastic and now I just have to figure out where to hang them up. And, partialy thanks to the ever growing popularity of Faster Mustache (now up to over 1000 topic and 11000 comments), Critical Mass Atlanta is continuing to grow and take over downtown the last friday of every month.

Lastly, I head back yesterday that Georgia Tech has accepted me into their Graduate program for a Masters in Computer Science. I still have an interview at Emory for their program, but it's looking like I get to delay the inevitable atleast another two years and classes will start this Fall.

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