It's finally here. That top secret website project I've been working on. We at College Medium, LLC are proud to announce provides a network for college students to sell items, rent apartments, find local jobs and student roommates, in their school or other surrounding schools.

Employers and property managers can also target specific college campuses for their housing and employment needs. This service is FREE to EVERYONE.

Basically, It's really cool. Stop by, check it out, sign up for an account, and let us know what you think!

I'm the CTO of College Medium, LLC which means I've spent the last few months doing all the infrastructure work and putting together the site. I've learned a bit doing it and here are some of the cool things that are happening behind the scenes:

  • CSS for all visuals. That includes the nifty semi-transparent dropdown menus. Tables are only used for tabular data, where they should be
  • AJAX for loading state/city/school names and ids, as well for for dynamically loading contextual help and displaying it inline with the content when a user requests it
  • Secure one way hashing of passwords for storage, and one way generation of keys that are used to verify email addresses, cell phone numbers, referals, etc
  • mod_rewrite rules for pretty URLs and hiding things on the file system
  • InnoDB tables in MySQL for strict enforcement of foreign keys including properly deleting entitys that refrence a deleted parent entity
  • PHP running with suexec in mod_fastcgi for secure high performance PHP execution
  • On site messaging for completely anonymous communication between users. Absolutley no information is shared about users, not even their member id number on the site (unless they choose to share it)
  • Users can choose to receive text messages on their cell phone whenever they receive a new message on the site
  • Database of (hopefully) every single college in the united states
  • Logging of all system errors and hiding them from the user
  • Dynamic menu and page generation relying on group permissions in access control lists
  • Lots of other things I probably forgot!

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