Speakers, Music, and Music playing software

Something very weird happened this morning. I was checking email and all that sort of thing and turned on some music but there was no sound coming out of the sub. It was working fine yesterday and its a pretty nice setup so that was just odd. The sub has two cones in it and neither one was moving at all. I moved around some wires on my computer yesterday and plugged a paper shredder into the same outlet so i thought that might be related somehow so I plugged the line in into my ipod and put it on a different circut. Still no bass. Next step was opening the thing up and checking resistance across the speakers and driver circuits on the amp for it. (It's a BASH amp and it's pretty neat looking compared to a lot of other amps I've taken apart) Everything looked fine, but I notice that one of the wires to one of the cones was actually unplugged! I plugged it back in, plugged the power back in and it worked. How on earth did that one wire behind 9 screws unplug itself sometime when I was asleep? Crazy.

Back to listening to the new Thrice CD: Vheissu. It's amazing and "Atlantic" on it may now be in the top 25 songs for me.

Additionally I am no longer using Rhythmbox to play music. There's apparently a bug that causes gamin (A tool that informs userspace applications when a file on the filesystem changes using the inotify support in the kernel instead of constantly polling the directory for changes like the old "famd" did) to use up lots of cpu when Rhythmbox is running. The possible bugfix to completely disable music library monitoring is in CVS for them but hasn't made it into a release yet apparently, so hopefully 0.9.4 or 1.0 will fix it. We'll see. I'd like to keep using it as it has pretty good integration with Gnome and will mesh with my iPod nicely when support for that makes it into a release. Also, Songbird isn't out yet but if they get Linux support before Rhythmbox puts out another update, it may be time for a switch.

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