Last weekend, Roger and I headed up to Montreal, Quebec. The reason for this trip was because Roger had never been and asked if I wanted to go, so we went. Highlights inlude:
  • Hanging out with Gabrielle (a friend of mine from high school, we stayed at her place and slept on couches for the weekend) and seeing what downtown had to offer for eating and drinking Saturday evening.
  • Walking around all day Sunday: where we walked (separated by the bike map below). Things we saw included St Joseph's, Mount Royal, Old Port, and Downtown.
  • Biked around for a few hours on Sunday: where we biked (not quite accurate but thats the gist of it.) We saw a lot of the Lachine Canal, the Lachine Locks, and more of the City.
  • Walked around on Monday before heading to the airport: where we walked. (this includes a metro ride from the city to the first island). We saw the Metro, the Biosphere, Habitat 67, the river, and a lot of the industrial side of the port.
Overall: Montreal is a very bike friendly city (bike lanes/roads and bikers everywhere) and is surprisingly clean given the dense urban feel of every place we were. The weather was a bit drizzly at first but kept getting better the entire time, and you can see all of my pictures here. We walked and biked a lot, and we ready to be off our feet for the plane trip home.

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