Clean Commuting

I've been commuting by bike now for almost a year and a half. It's great for me because I no longer have car or gas expenses and I don't have to fit in time to exercise, but it's also good for the environment. "One Less Car" is a popular slogan that applies to me, and the Georgia Clean Air Campaign has decided that alternate methods of commuting are worth supporting with incentives. I signed up for Commuter Rewards (a program from the Midtown Transportation Solutions and The Clean Air Campaign) a few months ago and so far have recieved 2 $25 visa gift cards and a $10 Barnes and Nobel gift card just for biking to work every day and logging in to the site to let them know! If you're using an alternative method of transportation to get to work in Atlanta, you should sign up, and if you've toyed with the idea but are still alone in your car in traffic every day, this might be the incentive to push you over the edge. (They give gas $ to carpoolers too!)

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