What a weekend

Originally this weekend was going to mostly consist of getting things done. But It's now 2pm on Sunday and thats just not happened yet. Several great things happened this weekend. Friday evening was Critical Mass. The usual number of about 300 people came out to ride bikes and I took a bunch of pictures. The weather was perfect, the route was great, and it was my first mass on the track bike. Afterwards, a lot of us ended up at Johnny's pizza, afterwards a couple of us ended up at my house, and after some video games I went to sleep while dfunkman and his woman slept on the couch. 3 hours later we woke up to bike downtown to watch the implosion of the old Wachovia building on the corner of North and Peachtree. (After probably hundreds of discovery channel specials on controlled demolition, this was pretty much an event I've been waiting for my whole life) At 8:25am or so they pushed the button and down it fell. We had a pretty good view and I got some pretty good pictures. While there I saw a whole bunch of people I knew, ended up geting free krispy kreme and got to see a building come crashing into the ground. Sweet. After some sleeping off an on saturday was the 24 mintue race after party. Jason's new place has a living room big enough to race bikes in. So we did. But hardwood floors can be pretty slick so there was a good ammount of falling. It'd be nice if my leg would stop hurting. After that wound down, a handful of us went to McDonalds. It was 3am or so and the sign said that they closed at 11pm but they were still serving inside. Awesome. Then there was crashing on the couch at Jess's and then pancakes in the morning and biking across town home. Time to go for some productivity..

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