It's a relay!

That's right kids. It's a relay: FM.24.06. (Kurt Rampton did the graphics and I put the site together.) Faster Mustache is putting on our second annual 24 hour urban relay. If you ride bikes at all (sometime in the last 5 years will do just fine) you should definitely check this out. Teams of 4 to 6 (or solo) compete against one another for completed laps around a ~10 mile course in downtown Atlanta for 24 hours. Each racer only has to complete at least one lap to be part of a team, and its a course that just about anyone can do. There will definitely be competitive teams and non-competitive teams. We're hoping to have at least 100 people on bikes at the event and it's a a Pizza place so theres pizza + beer + bikes and lots of people from noon on Saturday November 11th to noon on Sunday. Last year was big and a lot of fun and this year should be twice as amazing. I'll be on some sort of team riding the Nishiki like a maniac. Who wants in? You know you do. Theres prizes. And t-shirts. And pizza. And beer. Also, Critical Mass is tomorrow! (Friday Sept. 29th) You should come!

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