Due to massive time constraints lately including but not limited to:
  • Trying to get a Masters in Computer Science specalized in Networking at Georgia Tech
  • Taking Graduate level public policy classes as free electives for some reason
  • Doing research at OIT on campus. They're paying for school after all
  • Being the project manager for Gallery
  • Getting everywhere on a bike. This is usually faster than driving during peak traffic times, but it is something I do a lot of. It's been over 2 months since I've had a car and there are now 4 bikes of mine in my garage.
  • Racing bikes. In theory I'll be in 2 24 hour races in the next 2 months.
  • Dealing with the day to day challenges of working with technology including many hours of my life lost on the phone with Dell and some phone companies about defective or dying hardware
  • Odd projects like web hosting for a few people, taking pictures of events, managing (and rebuilding. ugh) servers, etc
  • Sleeping, Eating, and just taking a break from it all every now and then
I decided it was time to move from my custom PHP codebase for my website to something that did a lot for me without me doing a lot for it. I chose to go with Drupal because of positive experiences managing it on the Gallery and Faster Mustache websites. Most of the content from the old site is on here, and all of it should be eventually. I've also added a section for all the research I am doing for grad school, and hopefully a lot of the things that I find useful will make their way on here. The content structure is close to done, this semi-custom theme will probably stick around for a while, and we'll see if anything exciting happens with it all. I'll also see about posting things on here more often that may be of interest to other people. Don't look for stories of escapades with women, alchol, and entertainment because they're just not going to be on here (if theres even time for them) but the categories so far for things are bikes, computing, gallery, personal, photography, research, and website.

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