bike riding and ridiculous food ideas

I went night mountain biking tonight for the first time in a while and was reminded of how completely awesome it is. I'm not trying to decide if I should just go ahead and ship all of my bikes to California with me for the Summer instead of just 1 or 2 of them. But I also noticed something else.. All this riding I've been doing going to work and at the velodrome has apparently been good for me. Getting to the tops of hills wasn't a problem, and Kurt and I were going the same speed and able to talk most of the time where before he would be smoking me or I'd be breathing too hard to talk. Awesome. We only did a full loop at Conyers (the site of the mountain biking the 1996 Olympics) because I'm still hurting a little from a leg injury earlier this week and he got a flat right at the end of the loop (On tubeless tires! It was quite a sound and sight when it happened!). And we wanted taquitos so we decided to call it a night and head over to QuickTrip, which brings me to the next topic. Kurt and I were talking about food on the way back over our meal of Taquitos and DonkeyKick and we came up with some very good "Why hasn't anyone done this yet?" questions. So ask yourself these and see if you can come up with any explanation:
  • Why don't they make food that comes in containers like the Flintstone branded push pops of years past? These would be great for driving because food could be juicer but still be easy to eat in the car without spilling.
  • Why don't they make hotpockets that come in a self heating container (Ala some of the soup and coffee that you can buy now that heats up on its own)?
  • Why don't they make hotpockets that have heating chemicals in them so you can just give it a squeeze, wait 2 minutes, and it's warm enough to eat?
  • Why don't they make energy drinks that glow when you open the container? A bio-friendly chemical that glows when exposed to oxygen shouldn't be too hard, right?
  • Why don't they make hotpockets that have heating chemicals and glowing chemicals in them so you can just give it a squeeze, wait two minutes, and when it's glowing bright green, eat away?
If the whole networking research stuff doesn't work, I may be off to the hotpocket lab to see what I can come up with..

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