first day at Google

So today was my first day at Google and it was pretty awesome. There's not really a whole lot that I can talk about because it's all super secret, but here's a few tidbits:
  • There is a life-size T-Rex skeleton outside. Today it happened to be eating a pink lawn flamingo. Anything outside is fair game for pictures but no pictures inside. I'll get some pictures up eventually, but I don't have what I need to get them camera->library->intarwebs just yet.
  • I am working on the coolest project ever. It's network performance related and is just pretty much the coolest thing ever. And thats all I can say about it!
  • My desktop machine at work has dual 24" monitors and is the most powerful machine I've ever had a keyboard plugged into. Which is good, because I'm going to be there for most of my time this summer.
  • Free food! It's everywhere. My food expenses this summer will be limited to when I feel the need to go out to eat somewhere. Indian restaurant in downtown Mountain View, here I come.
  • Biking here is very different from Atlanta. My commute is around 2.5 miles and is completely flat. I'll need to do a bit more riding than my commute to stay in shape so I'm going to get a super nice road bike to supplement the fixie. It's a 50 mile ride with 2000 feet of elevation gain and drop to get to the Pacific Ocean, so uh, it's on. There's a Performance Bike and an LBS or two pretty close, and my gut feeling is I'll end up with a high-end aluminum road bike from Performance.
Time to work on my sleep schedule some more, but there should be more frequent updates from me. This weekend is a BBQ at Bharat's house with a handful of Gallery people including Jens (from Germany), and the next weekend San comes to visit! The next weekend might be time to attempt a ride to the coast..

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