California: Week 1 of 12

I'm almost settled in completely, there are still a few things I need to grab from the store but some new bike shoes are in the mail, and I ordered some external drive enclosures for the two hard drives I brought from home so that I can use VMware on my laptop to boot up Linux and get at all of my things (Music, Pictures, Etc). A new Dell will be along the way after the first paycheck from Google comes in. Also on the way is a Nintendo Wii (as soon as the Gamestop here has one or I find one online thats a good deal) and a road bike (There is a Performance Bike shop right down the street from here and currently every bike is on Sale so I may try some out this weekend). I picked up some new pillows that were on sale at Target for $4 each, and at work I've got a spiffy mouse and some spiffy headphones coming down the pipe for me. Today was bike to work day in Silicon Valley so there were bikes everywhere today. Various companies and organizations had "energizer stations" around where you could stop for fruit, energy bars and drinks, and free stuff. In my two stops, I got a small bag, an REI water bottle, a bike to work day water bottle, various coupons for free things around town, a 15% off REI coupon, and some bike maps of the area. Once at Google I got a Google branded Specialized mini-pump and a bag of soap/shampoo stuff (uh, ok?). The annoying part about this is most of the available places to lock up were taken (which wasn't a problem in the morning because I was the 25th person on a bike to check in at the table, but was a problem when I biked to main campus for lunch) and people were biking all over the place on the road doing crazy things on their bikes, but I guess that's the price to pay! Dinner was one of the biggest burritos I've ever seen (thank you Google) and it's only 9:30pm and I'm already down to an empty inbox and slightly shorter list of big things to get done. Tomorrow is already Friday! Google Perk of the moment: Crazy Japanese heated toilet seats (with all the other crazy toilet seat functions) everytime I've needed to check.

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