I finally gave in and decided that I was going to get a Wii a couple of months ago, and getting one was as much of a challenge as I expected. Last Friday, thanks to the Facebook Marketplace, I finally got a hold of one from some random guy in exchange for a handful of cash. I wasn't going to pay more than the thing costs new, and this turned out to be a pretty good deal. It came with an extra controller, Wii Sports (which didn't work but Nintendo is mailing me a new one), Red Steel, and Zelda. I then picked up Elebits, SSX Blur, and some Wii Points that I used to download Bomberman, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Echo The Dolphin (which I couldn't find a good page online about!). These should be able to keep me busy for any free time I have this summer, and when people come to visit thinking that there are things to do in Mountain View, we can stop by the 7eleven and then bust out the Wii. Some neatish Wii things:
  • YES to old school games. I never had a console growing up and will finally get to play Sonic and Echo for more than the first level. I didn't need much sleep anyways..
  • Finally, a home for the 4GB SD card I had sitting around.
  • My Wii number is 1295 2246 1047 1862. If you know me, feel free to add me and our Miis can mingle and play tennis or something. If you have a cell phone and want to send me silly little notes and pictures, let me know and I can add you.
  • Each of the 4 Wii games I have is a totally different game with a totally different control scheme. No more are all games using the same direction pad to move around, A to attack, and B to jump. (Or maybe that's just because I've never really spent any time playing any computer or video games...)
  • Using the Internet channel on the Wii to visit my Last.fm profile and use their Flash based streaming radio to listen to music that it thinks I will like (that I usually do!).
  • Up next: As soon as my new desktop gets here, I'm setting up a web server thing on it that can do a Flash interface on the Wii so I can get at my 110+GB of music, 100GB+ of movies/tv-shows, and 120GB+ of photos I've taken.

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