So This Is Christmas

Another year, another Christmas. Monday evening was spent at my Mom's parents with a bunch of cousins, Tuesday was dinner at my Parent's house with San, my brother, and Jenny, Wednesday was dinner out with San's mom and some of her relatives, and today San and I just took it easy, had Chinese food for dinner, and watched Day One (which is definitely worth a watch if you're into history or the whole Nuclear thing at all). I got in a long road ride yesterday to and around Stone Mountain, and today finally biked up from home to the start of the Silver Comet. Riding back from there, I stumbled across Glock USA, a neat wooden section of the PATH that I didn't know existed, and a view of downtown and midtown that I hadn't seen before. As for the spoils of Christmas, it was a pretty low key year which is a good thing because there's just not a whole lot of things I need! Among the assortment of snacks, books, movies, and bike tools, there were a handful of surprises including 2 of a bike tool that I needed two of :). My parents gave me some furniture for the back yard a few weeks ago, and the biggest surprise was a Canon SD1100 camera from San. I've got plenty of huge camera things (specifically a 40D with all the fixins), but my mountain biking pictures from the iPhone often leave a bit to be desired (ex: here). So hopefully lots more pictures from places where the big camera is just too big! I'm also looking forward to putting CHDK on it and seeing what all it can do. On the giving side of things, I did get some things for other people:
  • my dad got a Harmony One Remote
  • my mom got a gift certificate to go scuba diving with the whales at the Georgia Aquarium
  • San got tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's Kooza in Atlanta in January (and a handful of other things)
  • my brother and Jenny got a Wii Guitar Hero controller, some CDs, and a Mini Gorillapod
And in other news, there's a lot of exciting hardware stuff now installed for and I'm wrapping up my first year at SugarCRM, but more on those after some more enjoying the 5-day weekend.

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