Snow and Bikes

The big news this weekend for Atlanta was a few inches of snow. I took the opportunity to see how the helmet cam works riding in the snow. It turned out alright, but theres definitely a snow getting stuck to lens issue:
Snow Ride in Atlanta from Chris Kelly on Vimeo. I also took some pictures of the snow around my house and am pretty happy with how a few of them turned out. Up next this week was Georgia Rides to the Capitol 2009. I piled up my gear yesterday, and headed out this morning at 7:15am in the 21F weather to Ride up to Roswell, GA with a few people, then turn around and ride back with a few hundred. 47 miles later is was about 37F outside. Here's the route:
View Larger Map And the first real try of using my helmet camera during the day in good weather: (Next video I post will be something significantly more awesome, hopefully from some mountain biking.)
Georgia Rides to the Capitol 2009 from Chris Kelly on Vimeo.

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