2010 Goals

2009's goals were all pretty reasonable and it worked out pretty well, so I'll make things a little crazier for 2010 and see what happens!


  • Save over 20% of my post-tax income
  • Double ithought revenue
  • Pay off a big chunk of my mortgage so I can get rid of PMI and escrow requirements
  • Take a big vacation somewhere new
  • Make significant progress on programming my exercise tracking tool, and open it up to a public beta


  • No more 365, and no more flickr uploading. Use a "stream" album here for uploading from my phone and one-off photos: ckdake.com/gallery/2010/stream
  • Submit a photo to a DPChallenge challenge every week. I bought a paid subscription today, so I have a few more challenge choices each week.
  • Print a few 8x10s or larger and frame them


  • Do a few more century rides (hospitality, macc one love, tour de cure)
  • Mountain bike at 10 new places
  • Get points in a Pro Series event at the velodrome
  • Do some team pursuit and madison racing at the velodrome
  • 4day+ trip of mountain biking in another state
  • Ride 150 miles in one day


  • What? Running. yeah... 30 min of running in 35F weather beats 2 hours on a bike in 35F and supposedly has similar overall fitness benefits, and should help out biking a little bit
  • Get a sub-54 min qualifying time in a 10k before Peachtree Road Race registration
  • Run the Peachtree Road Race
  • Run the Atlanta Marathon


  • Build a new app deployment system for dev/stage/test of our production web properties
  • Finish moving all system configuration into puppet (major things left to go: MySQL replication, automatic building application server groups using puppet stored configs)
  • Finish removing all legacy hardware, legacy VLANs, legacy IP space, and legacy routing policies
  • Implement password synchronization between dataenter LDAP and office AD systems
  • Build a new application server logging system using Spread
  • Build a Hadoop cluster and use it for generating real reports
  • Go to Velocity 2010 and SugarCon 2010

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