2010 is out, 2011 is in

My 2010 Goals didn't happen exactly as expected, but I'm happy with the result. As far as riding bikes go, things worked out pretty well:
  • Successful season of Track racing - Almost 800 miles over 40 events led to 1st place team, 10th place individual, and lots of Madison racing. Not only did I get points in a pro series race, I won one of them and took home $300+ over the year in winnings.
  • Almost 900 miles of mountain biking including 26 times at night in-town, FATS in Augusta, GA, and 10 places that I'd never ridden before. My only mountain bike race was The Snake which I'm doing again in 2011.
  • Lead the "Mustache Ride", a weekly training ride on Thursday evenings with an ever increasing crowd riding 25 miles with close to 3000ft of climbing.
  • Road biking trip to portland - 200+ miles, 13,000+ feet of climbing, lots of time spent riding with friends.
I also did almost 200 miles of running including the Charles Harris 10K, a 5K as part of Athens Twilight Weekend, and ran the Peachtree Road Race as a B in just over 50 minutes. I was planning on running a Marathon in November but they turned it into a 13.1 and I injured my knee on a 12 mile training run a few weeks before the event and had to cancel. It's fortunate that my only injury this year was running, and there will be less running in my future. Professionally, the first half of my year was spent managing the operations team at SugarCRM and doing a bit of work on performance and automation (SugarCRM and APC, Improving SugarCRM performance). Halfway through the year I completely changed gears to become a Ruby on Rails software developer at Highgroove and it's been a blast! For the second half of 2010, I worked on 9 different projects with a handful of smart people and I'm looking forward to what happens in 2011 at Highgroove. I printed a few big photos that are now on the walls of my house, and took a few photos in 2010 but didn't end up doing DPChallenge because there was just too much else going on.

Onward to 2011

Launch sweet apps

This one will be easy! I have some personal projects slowing coming down the line, and there will be atleast a few things at Highgroove that I'm the lead developer on that will be really cool.

Grow professionally

Not sure what this means, but it means something. I'm continuing to learn more about tools, processes, automation, and business, and perhaps this will turn into something even more?

Ride a lot of bikes

Pretty much a duh at this point, I'd like to keep up the pace of the last few years:
  • Race at the velodrome, focusing on supporting my teammates
  • Take a 4+ Day mountain biking trip somewhere
  • Mountain bike more: longer rides, new places, and more weekends spend mountain biking instead of running
  • Ride a few more 100 mile road rides

Read Read Read

Somehow I read 26 books last year. This should continue and the iPad that work gave me for Christmas has made it entirely too easy to read all the time. There are already 16 in the queue on my bookshelf, and plenty more on my Amazon wishlist.

Live simpler, healthier, and happier

Life is too short to expend any effort on things that don't add value. This means to start/continue:
  • Selling/Donating/Trashing things I have that I don't need
  • Not buying things that I don't need
  • Downsizing the number of committments I make for things that I don't want to do
  • Simplifying all the "processes" in my life, from grocery shopping to invoicing customers
  • Doing more of things that I enjoy. My guitar, cello, keyboard, video cameras, and DSLR don't get nearly enough use
  • Cooking delicious meals at home and eating out less
Reasonable? Definitely! Hopefully "Pics or it didn't happen" holds true this year.

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