North Eastern Road Trip - June 25

This morning we got up earlier than usual. I loaded the car as usual while they had bacon for breakfast. I just do not see how people can have three pieces of bacon for their entire breakfast, but they did. So around 8:00 we hit the road. On the road, we passed some more old covered bridges along with the first general store in America. Our first stop was gas, we were almost dead empty again after taking a "shortcut" through Lincoln gap way up in the mountains, and I bought some combos and a blue Powerade. Our next stop was Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain. It is a national historic site, but they did not have the passport series stamp so I had to go with a return address stamp. We walked around the fort for a while, but it started to rain and we had already looked through the museum, so we ran back to the car. I almost felt sorry for all of the people reenacting one of the battles because they were just setting up and they all got soaked. We left and drove a few more minutes to the Sagamore Resort. It was 1:00 and our room was supposed to be ready, but it was not and we ended up waiting in the lounge for two hours before housekeeping could get around to our room. We played hearts for about an hour, and then I read for an hour while they played gin. My mom checked us in, and we all got back into the van. The Sagamore resort is actually on a private island, so we did not have far to drive, but all of the bags were in the van. We all took in our bags and my dad fell asleep on his bed. I checked out a bike and rode around the island in circles for about an hour, and my mom and my brother played miniature golf. After they finished their 18 holes, I beat Michel in foosball and then played three games of pinball. I get sick of all of the video games, but I seem to be hooked on pinball. My brother stayed in the game room for a while longer while I went back to the room. The room was a nice suite, but it was a smoking room so it smelt bad, and I ended up sleeping on a rollaway bed. I was going to take a shower, but my mom and dad both had too, so I watched 'Hope Floats' on TV. When it was over I cleaned up and put on some nice clothes for dinner. This trip is quite interesting regarding food, half of the time we are sitting at a picnic table off in the woods, and the other half of the time we are eating in really nice restaurants. For dinner tonight, I had the chef's special for today, a veal shank. It was good, but the best meal that I have had so far was the meal at Le Champlain. Back in the room, my parents went to sleep, and my brother and I watched a movie on TV. I think it was called 'Going to America," but I am not sure. It was about an African prince, Eddie Murphy, coming to America with his servant, Arsenyo Hall, to find a bride. James Earl Jones played the king. We watched that until it was over. I went to sleep after looking for my retainer for about ten minutes.

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