North Eastern Road Trip - June 26

We were supposed to get up at 6:30 this morning, but My brother and I got up around 8:00, packed up our stuff, and I loaded the van. Because of the movie, Michael did not get enough sleep and he was somewhat moody, but I really do not need that much sleep. We got in the van, and stopped by the office to return keys and so that my parents could get their complementary coffee. We left the Sagamore and drove south through New York. We hit a McDonald's for breakfast and it took forever. Usually it is a 90-second king of thing, but this guy, who could have only been 15, took fifteen minutes. Nevertheless, we finally got back on the road towards my dad's friend's house. We stopped at west Point Academy and looked around some, reading plaques and taking a few pictures. I got a great picture of the river valley, a monument, and a mother and baby deer. The baby still had its spots. At 3:30 we got to Scott's house and unloaded. He was not there, but the music was on and the front door open, so we went on in. The house was amazing. It was huge, but not showy, and there were lots of pets and a very high quality sound system. I got one of the two bedrooms upstairs, and my brother got Jessica's room, Scott's four-year-old daughter. She always sleeps in her parents' room anyway, but her things were all over the room. I explored the house for a while, and the TV, phone, and doorbells are all attached to the sound system through the tuner and three three channel amplifiers. My favorite part is the 200-disc CD changer, and the remote that goes with each channel on the amplifiers. When Scott, Lisa, and Jessica got back, my dad and Scott went to buy seafood for dinner and the rest of us put on our swimsuits and headed for the pool. I jumped on the trampoline for a while, and slightly messed up my back, so I got in the pool. It was a while before Jesse got in, she was somewhat shy, but she finally did. I liked this pool a lot because it was eight feet deep so I could dive. Most hotel pools these days do not allow diving, for liability, and some do not even allow jumping! We had chips and dip for a snack around five, Scott and my dad were still buying seafood, but we were still in and out of the pool all day until around 8:00 when we finally had dinner. I had tuna and some pork roast because I do not really like fishy fish, but there were about five different kinds of fish, all cooked perfectly, so I was told. During the day, I thought the pool was too hot at its 92 degrees, but at nigh when the air was a lot cooler, it felt great. My brother invented a 'sport' called Gator Popping that involved making a big plastic alligator pop up into the air. It was stupid, but it could keep him occupied for hours. Around 10:30, we all went inside, and my mom and dad and Jesse's mom went to bed, but Scott, Jesse, Michael, and I stayed up and watched a movie. We watched 'Paulie,' which is about a talking parrot. It is the movie that they got the Pepsi Girl from. Scott quickly fell asleep, and he snores almost as loud as my dad does! My brother and I went to sleep when the movie was over, around 1:00, but Jessica stayed up for a while, finally going to sleep next to her daddy on the couch. The cats would probably curl up with them too, but when they were younger, Jesse turned them upside down and shook them so they are afraid of most people now.

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