2 Weeks

Yay. People commented and all that good stuff.  This thing is apparently more out there than I think.  Because of all the links from Gallery related sites, this page is ranked pretty highly by Google and people seem to find me. Here are a couple of crazy examples.
  • I posted some not so positive comments about the Metropointe Lofts (I'd put a link to their site here but I can't seem to find one..) and the next day I got a phone call from one of their sales people asking me to clairify why I felt the way that I did and what I thought their image was to other people. That totally surprised me and I went back and adjusted my comments a bit to be more accurate.
  • I posted a link to this Guys pancake photo gallery and the next day he sent me an IM asking where I heard about his website.
  • Then today I got an IM: "Hey, I am booking a tour for an awesome band from Ireland. can you tell me any promoters or venues in the Atlanta area that book emo/rock/screamo bands?" Crazness.  So I told him that he should see about getting Morello, the band he is working with, to play at the Cotton Club.
No work this week because my boss got married, so I decided to take advantage of it. Last night I drove around Atlanta all over the place for a while with Laura and finally ended up going to sleep here some time around 3:30.  Slept til 10:30 which is the same amount of sleep I usually get but it feels like sooo much more, and got some things done before heading to class. More watching group presentations today. Some where pretty cool and some, well, not so much.. I still think my senior design project outdoes the others that I've seen. The lab on SQL Injection that I'm writing for the final project in Internetwork Security is almost done and after that I'm off the hook for the semester.

I'm finally sitting down to plan the Europe trip and it is looking pretty sweet. It should go something like this:
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris, France?
  • Madrid, Spain:  staying with Katie whos parents own the house I live in here
  • Munich, Germany: staying with Jens, the language guy for Gallery
  • Berlin, Germany: staying with Lindsey on her school summer trip thing
  • Bergen, Norway: staying with Christian of the Gallery team
  • Oslo, Norway: staying with Terje of the Gallery team
  • Milan, Italy
  • Venice, Italy
  • Amsterdam
If you know of anywhere I should go or stay along the way let me know. Its gonna be crazy and I'm hopin to fit in as much as possible.

What to do tonight...

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