21 And Such Things

It's now a little over a week since I've turned 21 and everyhing I expected has come true. Nothing is different really. It's mostly just another day but I guess it has its perks. Benifits include being able to buy whatever I want and the one forgotten one, places with a cover charge less for us older folk. Cool. I think.

Anyways, first comes the list:
  • From the parents:  Lots and lots of $$ of things fixed on my car.  Some things more important than others but stuff was broke and now its substantiall less broke. My dad gave me a book as well, and much food was consumed.
  • From the grandparents: The usual cards and checks.
  • From the gf (details on that in a min):  Bambi on DVD (HELL YES!) and a rice crispy treat the size of a small planet that more or less had the usual cake type message on it in icing. mmm. 
  • A card from Richard, like one of the paper kinds you put in an envelope and put a stamp on and all that. I didn't know they stil made them.
  • Shirt an belt from Becca because after I got her computer related things for her bday she figured she get me something in the realm of what she likes for mine.
  • And the usual pile of facebook notes, wall changes, emails, IMs, irc messages, voice mails, text messages and smoke signals.
Thank's to everyone for the stuff, and if you feel all guilty now it's never too late.... I even accept paypal if it comes to that, but I digress. Here's whats been going on with me.

For the birthday weekend I went camping with the FM crew at Cloudland Canyon and we had an awesome time. As usual there are pictures, but highlights include conveinent thunderstorms, jumping off of rocks into the river, exploring, checking out the big waterfalls in the canyon, shooting bottle rockets at one another, hiking to accordian music, utilizing dry ice to keep drinks cold, and eating awesome tasty healthy real food.  Basically if you weren't there you should have been.  Upon our return we had pizza and I purchased my first legal alcoholic beverage. Cool or something..

Other fun things over the week included buying fireworks in Georgia which is now legal for those of us over 18, getting a great birthday dinner and a huuuuge margerita with Melissa at OTB, buying the newest Starting Line and Bloc Party CDs at Target, and other things that I can't quite remember and not because I was wasted because I wasn't you crazy who ever you are.

Then Wednesday afternoon I headed down to Tampa to hang out with Laura.  So Laura and I have been friends since last October where a certain someone poked me on facebook. Twice.  We've hung out lots and lots since then, primarly eating more than our share of unhealthy food and watching awful movies, but as of last week we're all __insert favorite "relationship"ish word here__ and stuff now.  So with that said, how could I not go to Tampa.  I got back Sunday night and those 4 days or so were about as crazyness packed as they come.  Beating her little brother in SSX3 more than once or twice, dinner with the parents and stayin in their house, throwing people in the air in the pool after 3 person marco polo prooved to be not enough of a challenge, getting attacked by sand fleas on the beach at night, line dancin it up at the Dallas Bull and then spending tons of $$ at Steak and Shake, staying up late watching movies, "Batman Begins" at an IMAX theatre after lots of BBQ for dinner, aimlessly wandering around atop parking decks in the crazy hurricane wind, biking around south Tampa, taking Riley to the doggy beach, gettin new clothes for me at the mall, meetin all of Laura's friends that i kept hearing about (except for Shawn, that bum), nice old ladies working at CVS giving discounts, etc, etc.  Lots of fun, gotta do that again but now its Laura's turn to come visit me again. Can't wait. School starting up again and being able to hang out whenever will be nice too.

Driving back in the Hurricane rainy mess was scary scary but I survived somehow, And so begins more working and taking care of things and listening to loud music and biking and all that.  After no internet all day and two steak grilled stuffed burritos for dinner I'm about beat.  More this week if there's time between the eating and biking and hanging out that needs to be happening when I'm not working or sleeping.

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