Everything At Once

It's been quite the crazy busy week and a half.  I've spent perhaps too much time on bike, and the rest of life has kept on keeping on. My dad's new company, WiSpi.net, is starting to scale up and cool things should start happening with them, and new projects keep coming my way at work. But on to the more off the wall details, first was lunch Tuesday with my parents, grandparents, and and aunt to celebrate a bunch of birthdays this month. Then was  cooking it up Tuesday night with Ben and Robert. There was BBQ Chicken stir fry with carrots and snow peas on white rice with a side of tater tots. It was simply fantastic. If you haven't had this combination (and I'm pretty sure you haven't), you should give it a shot. Then Thursday night was Special Quesidilla night with Faster Mustache at Christopher's to party it up before Neil heads outta town for a while for work. There were many dillas made and the bean eaters and pork eaters were all happy. Friday was going to be a critical mass ride, but that turned into either road biking at 7 or mountain biking at 5 and I ended up on a mountain bike. We went to conyers to the Georgia International Horse Park trail which is where the mountain biking was during the Atlanta olympics, and after a loop on the "hard side" and a loop on the longer "easy side" we called it quits for the day.  I was 4 minutes behind Christopher at the end which is always kinda nice. Saturday was supposed to be more biking but I slep in instead, went to friends and family day at the new IKEA in Atlanta, and ended up going to my Grandparent's lake house to hang out with my parents and some of my brothers friends for the evening. There were fireworks, burgers, and some sweet pictures the next morning: I came back from that Sunday morning, and after working monday morning Laura got here.  We've been hanging out having a great time. There a narrow escape from a car wreck, some tree house climbing, some driving, some eating, and some movie watching but the two "real" thinks we've done so far were a "Faster Nutstache" planning meeting with the Faster Mustache crew (details when its no longer top secret) and the first trip both of us have taken to the Atlanta Botanical Garden where there was much picture taking. Other highlights of the last few days include power going out where my servers are shortly followed by arranging for a backup mail server for most of my domains on h0bbel's server in Norway. This weekend I'm turning 21 and will be camping with a bunch of Faster Mustache people at Cloudland Canyon State Park. I upgraded my calendar on here from phpicalendar 1 to phpicalendar 2 beta which now looks a lot better and functions a bit better, and lastly, I'm officially a mentor for Gallery for the Google Summer of Code project for one or two guys that will be working on XML-RPC in Gallery 2. Theres lots of exciting things going on and this only scratches the surface of how cool I think all of it is, but it's time to get back to life and there will probably be another update from me after I get back from camping.

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