Dang bikes are great. I Went mountain biking at Chicopee Woods on friday and even though its been a while since I've been on a mountain bike the walking in Europe and California and the road biking like crazy got together and helped me keep up with Christopher and Kurt most of the time. I think we rode every bit of trail they have there at least once and one of the downhills was perhaps the fastest best downhill section I've had the privilege of riding a bike down.  No falling this go around, just lots of sweaty grossness and riding through a couple of small rivers that led to things gettin a little wet.  After riding we hit up an itty bitty BBQ place down the road from Chicopee (with some Mountain Dew from Publix) and it was fantastic.  Now I just need to get Robert to go on one of the mountain biking trips and the video camera can be busted out and I can share what it's really like. On a not cool note, Yellow River (one of my favorite and usual biking places) is being "improved" by bulldozing all of the bike trails and putting in "nice wide concrete paths" for people to walk around on.  If you'd like to see this not happen check out the content information in the first comment on this page and show your voice so that they know people care. So after all that I went and saw Mr & Mrs Smith with Melissa and Jean. It was entertaining and all, lots of laughing out loud at the awkwardness of situations in it but eh, I don't think I'd need to see it again.   Now compare that to the movie I saw tonight at movie night at Christopher's. The Experiment is perhaps the most intense movie I have ever seen.  It's a German movie about the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment and words cannot do it justice.  You need to see this movie and thats that. Anyways, its bedtime here in the ATL. Work in the morning and i need to ride that road bike some more tomorrow afternoon. Out.

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