New Old Bike

So I have been wanting a road bike for some time... All my mountain bike friends got road bikes and commuter bikes and single speed fixed gear chopper crazyness kinds of bikes as well and I rode one of their road bikes and wow. Speed like there has been no speed before.  To achieve this speed on a regular basis and to be able to keep up with the roadies I finally gave in and got one yesterday.  A used but extreemly well taken care of KHS Flite 300 56cm is now in my possession. I picked it up at about 9:30 last night and then went over to the lair to get some ridin in, and Ben, Robert, and I went to town on Tech campus with a video camera and a mount for it that Robert made on his bike.  There definitely needs to be another revision of the mount but it was pretty sweet and the footage is worth watchin once or twice.  A full length feature film could be in the works... Today I did the work thing and upon getting home rode to my parents house which is 5 miles or so away.  I've done it on a mountain bike before but the difference the road bike makes is too much for words. Anyways, time for finding the counter and sink in the kitchen an cleanin up, replenishing my non-existant food stockpile, cooking dinner, and maybe a movie or something?

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