Bikes and customer service. Again!

It seems I'm not the only one thats notices that bike companies just seem to do a better job of customer service than anyone else that I've dealt with: All of those stories are very representative of my experiences. Most recently, a screw fell out of one of my Crank Brothers Quattro SL pedals. They're just decorative and don't affect the functionality of the pedals, but I sent them an email (during Interbike when everyone in the cycling world shouldn't be checking their email) and they quickly responded that they'd get a replacement out ASAP. A few days later, an envelope showed up with new screws and a few other parts for those pedals "just in case", as well as another card from "The Pedal Spa", a handful of stickers, and a note from "Drew" suggesting that I should put Blue Loctite on those screws to keep it from happening again. Awesome.

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