Biking year in review for 2008

2008 was a pretty good year of riding for me. My commute to work/school ended in December 2007 when I finished up Georgia Tech and started working from home, so I had no need to bike anywhere anymore. In January I posted a ride log here and said I would keep doing that, but by February I was using the ride log at to keep track of my mileage. Due to this, my numbers are a little off since they don't include January, but are close enough for me. Here's the totals grouped by kind of riding:
  • Road: 101 rides, 2531 miles, 6 days 20 hours 31 minutes riding, 15.4 MPH average
  • Casual: 85 rides, 440 miles, 1 day 10 hours 59 minutes riding, 12.6 MPH average
  • Trainer: 39 rides, 834 miles, 1 day 13 hours 28 minutes riding, 22.3 MPH average
  • Mountain Biking: 27 rides, 308 miles, 1 day 14 hours 13 minutes riding, 8.1 MPH average
  • Track: 7 rides, 116 miles, 6 hours 14 minutes riding, 18.7 MPH average speed
All the trainer time was in the few months following my broken collarbone at the end of March, and the road riding picked up after that in May with the new road bike. Given those, 4229 miles total on 259 rides in 11 days 17 hours 26 minutes isn't bad and is a little over 3.2% of the year. Also, my average cadence on road rides has slowly moved from 76ish to 82ish, and the fastest I went on a bike this year was 46.62MPH. As for equipment, the breakdown is:
  • Redline 925: 1480.36 miles (~800 of this was on the trainer)
  • Fuji Track Pro: 171.65 miles
  • Gary Fisher Cake 4 DLX: 311.25 miles
  • Specialized Roubaix Comp Compact: 2246.95 miles
In 2008 I definitely got plenty of usage of my Redline and Specialized, and have probably gotten enough usage out of my Gary Fisher since I've had it for a few years now, but the Fuji definitely needs more track time in 2009. No complains about any of my equipment yet! The only repairs have been pretty minimal: replacing worn chain on the mountain bike, replacing worn out tires on the road bike, replacing the rear dérailleur on the mountain bike after a tree ate the old one, and the most costly one is replacing the left shifter/brake lever on the road bike after 2 falls rendered it inoperable in a very strange way. The parts for that hopefully will show up tomorrow morning. For 2009, I'm planning on riding at least 5200 miles but should be able to do more than that. Given my usual schedule of 2 hour rides 4 days a week and 3 hour rides twice a week, 700 hours (almost 8% of the year)shouldn't be too unreasonable, and theres a possibility of hitting 10,000 miles if things go as planned! I'm not too concerned about how far I end up going, and while 10k miles would be pretty neat, I'll be happy just spending a lot more time at the track and a lot more time in the mountains. I already have replacement tires for the mountain bike as the back one is getting pretty slick, and a new cassette and chain are waiting on the road bike to hit 3000 miles. Maybe I'll post a monthly update here?

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